Don’t Mean A Thing Music Video

Don’t Mean A Thing Music Video from North Coast Post on Vimeo.

In this hip-hop tribute to the swing era, I acted as executive producer for both the song and the video. I composed the instrumental bed for the song, then selected three distinct Atlanta emcee’s and previous collaborators I thought would be the perfect fit: C. Flux Sing, Duran Butler and Khalid “QSan” Dawkins-Brickhouse.

Each artist independently wrote and recorded their verses and I worked with a designer, two dance groups, a creative director and full production crew to pull-off my creative vision come video production time. We shot the video in one day, on-location at Engine 11 on North Ave. Working with director Mike Moore and editor Lalo Alverez was inspiring and a damn good time, and community volunteer support also an inspiration.

Role: Executive producer, song producer, talent coordinator, actor and post-production supervisor



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